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Leaving Nothing To Chance

Yesterday we had the pleasure of hand selecting Jarrah veneer for one of our client’s kitchens. To ensure consistency in the veneering process we took the time to visit our supplier to be certain that the correct colour and grain […]

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Lighting Considerations.

It surprises me how many kitchens that I go into that have insufficient lighting. How are we meant to prepare food safely and efficiently for our families if we can’t see what we are doing?  We would never consider driving […]

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The Ergonomically Friendly Kitchen

The other night I was helping my mother in-law set the table for dinner, I opened up the cupboard door, bent down, reached to the lower back side and pulled out the 6 plates that I needed to set the […]

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Cosentino – Europe’s Largest Stone Company

Cosentino, one of Australia’s newest entrants into the engineered stone market was generous enough to arrange a personalised tour with a small group of fellow designers throughout their head office, showroom & manufacturing facility in Spain. Although their market presence […]

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